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Slot machines FRUIT COCKTAIL how to win

There's no party without great cocktails. And let it start with some interesting gambling. Feel free to make great victories and get amazing winnings. If that's not enough for you, you can continue the party exactly until you reach the peak of pleasure. The Fruit Cocktail app has all the features of a great slot created in a retro design. If you're a fan of gambling apps and classic slot machines, it's worth perusing the manual on how to play to win by learning tips, tricks and rules of the game.

slot machines Fruit cocktail how to win

Fruit cocktail how to play

First choose a decent platform and register on the portal by entering and confirming your details afterwards. In this way, you can form your own opinion about such a release, developing an individual strategy. In case you want to launch Fruit Cocktail do not lose a minute, register and get acquainted with the interface and clever functionality right now. At the online casino you can create a personal account for further replenishment and run your favorite machine.

Each round will begin with the player's choice of bet. To do this you will need to click on the Bet or Max Bet in case you wish to go all-in. After this wait for the end of the rotation with the evaluation of the combination. The minimum should fall out with three pictures. Do not forget about the existence of the symbol Scatter, which is on the gaming site in the form of a strawberry. If this symbol appears on the game screen, soon begins bonus game. Automaton Fruit Cocktail slightly different rules from the known machines, the only difference is the presence of a large number of fruit.

In the center there are three reels, on which rotate the different pictures. In addition, there is also a sliding sight, which at some point will stop. If this happens in conjunction with the fact that the same icons fall out on the reels, you will earn a prize. However, the game will end if the cursor hits a square labeled "exit". The duration of your Bonus Round depends directly on the number of Scatters you catch:

  • Z strawberries - 1 round;
  • 5 strawberries - 3 games.

If you wish, you can always start the risk game. To do so, you will need to click on Bet after receiving your winnings. One card will be automatically chosen and you are offered four cards to choose from. If its rank will be higher than that chosen by the slot, you will double your winnings, if not - you lose everything. Slots casino lets you win good money.

Game Rules

The first thing you will encounter at the online casino is the Fruit Cocktail. It has a classic retro design, simple but very effective. Theme of the slot is tied entirely to fruit, it has a simple blue background and square drums. The design fully repeats the ground version of the machine, so players can feel the complete similarity. The game has five reels, on which a total of 9 lines can be made. Their number can be changed, but it is still recommended to use all of them.

Winning lines

The most valuable among all tokens is the multicolored inscription with the slot name "Fruit Cocktail". It will increase your bet by x5000 if fully filled. Next, you can notice a picture of a mango, with the insides in the form of a fruit cocktail. It represents a Wild picture when replacing other valuable images. If you get five smoothies on any plane at once, your bet will be increased by 2000 times. Among the images that remain are other fruits that pay less. These are simple multipliers that have no additional features.

Table of symbols and payouts

Символы 3 4 5
Вишня 2 3 10
Абрикос 3 5 20
Лимон 5 10 50
Яблоко 10 30 100
Груша 20 50 200
Арбуз 30 100 500
Коктейль In Melon (Wild) 100 500 2000
Game Logo 200 1000 5000

If you get lucky and have a winning combo, you open access to the bonus game. In such a situation, the "bet" button will change to "risk" and clicking on it will bring up an additional window containing 5 playing cards. One of them will open the croupier, and the rest remain at the choice of the player. If you flip a card ranked higher, he will win and double the profits. Listen to the tactics and advice from experienced visitors. Risk your finances only if the flip card is a small value, because it will increase the player's chances of winning. Don't look for ways to cheat the machine as the results are determined by a random number generator.

How to beat the Fruit cocktail machine

The payout table has many symbols with different multiplier values, including apples, cherries, pears, lemons, peaches and watermelons. The strawberry is the highest paying token. Special symbols are Wild and Scatter. The cocktail icon is able to substitute for other paying icons, this will help you create useful combos. Strawberries are scatter, and if you find 3 of them in any place at once, the bonus round is activated. The Fruit cocktail Bonus starts with 3 reels appearing on the screen in the center surrounded by lots of tokens around the perimeter. In the case where the square stops on the same picture that appeared in the center, the bet will be multiplied by this multiplier. The money will add up and will be added to your account at the end of the round.

Fruit cocktail game tactics

There are several effective tactics developed by visitors with extensive experience. By sticking to them, you are very likely to win money:

fruit cocktail game tactics

  • Strategy 1. You should use 5 strips with minimum bets of 1 cent. The machine will rotate 7 times. If the combination of bonuses you have not fallen out, bets are doubled and again made 7 spins. If again nothing happens, you need to make the original bets and repeat this until you get the desired victory. Reviews from professionals indicate that already on the second round usually falls desired combination.
  • Strategy 2. During the first 10-12 spins, if you do not win anything, reset the bets, select three lines, each of which is put on 30 cents. It is likely that in the next 5 spins you will rip a good haul.
  • Strategy 3. Noticed that most of the frebet brings a good income, so the gambler should go with the maximum speed to the bonus. It is best if it will be received on a roll of three strawberries on the lines in the game, but this happens quite rarely, so it is better to use this tactic. Make a bet of at least 15 coins on five strips, scrolling up to 6 times. If the bonus was not received, raise 1 cent and run the reel again, repeating this up to 6 times. If not, you need to lower the bet to the original one and repeat everything again according to the instructions.
  • Strategy 4. Here the game will be played only on the fifth bet and strip. After 8 scrolling quite often falls bonus round. Sometimes the bonus game falls after increasing the bet by only a few points.

Gambling machine Fruit cocktail algorithm

All who want to win big in the slot, should stick to a sensible strategy. Everyone has the opportunity to experiment to develop their own tactics and algorithms, or follow the recommendations of users who are well versed in this game. Start your career in gambling is best with the popular simple slot Fruit Cocktail, which has a large number of bonus options. To win in the slot machine Fruit cocktail, study the rules and familiarize yourself with the tips of experienced players.

Fruit cocktail scheme to win

The gaming site will give you the doubling that the club gives. The home page contains all the information you need to study carefully by browsing reviews and articles. Different schemes for winning Vulkan allow you to earn large sums and big winnings. From time to time you should look at the comments, there is a description of reels igrosoft.

Secrets of slot machines Fruit cocktail

This slot is usually popular with gamblers who played it still in the offline institution. Nevertheless the machine will interest and beginners, because it will bribe them with its generosity and high chances to rip the cushion. Each scroll here is associated with the work of the random number generator. It works instantly, and no one can access it, which confirms the fairness of the issuance.

Here you won't know if you can win or lose until the very end in the casino, because everything is as random as possible. There are no miracle strategies on the internet to get every bet, no matter how you look for it. This is what attracts gambling application - getting instant results and complete unpredictability, the lack of opportunity to guess what will happen on the next scrolls. The machine will not give you the jackpot, but this is compensated by the presence of the prize and the opportunity to run at once 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 paylines. Regarding the odds of winning, the RTP application is 95%. In offline casinos the payout percentage was 80-90%, which was also not so small.

Bet per strip will be from 1 to 90 tokens. Combinations will line up as standard, you need to collect lines on which you can find three identical icons. The combination of winnings can start both from left to right and from right to left - here it is not important. Each picture has its own value, the data on which can be found in a separate table. The highest coefficient you can find in this game is x5000.

Fruit cocktail cheat codes - should you use

The classic slot machine is still as popular and relevant as it was 10 years ago. Everyone should try to play it to assess all the advantages. The machine is often called Strawberry because of the design, which is made in a similar style. Appetizing fruit and berries will make the process of playing a lot more fun and exciting. Players can play free online game to understand the basic principle and explore all the advantages of the slot. Playing bets can be made with a minimum of one token and up to 90. On a roll of the glass, your bet will be increased to 2000. If the gambler guesses the card, your winnings will be doubled. Take a risk and top up your balance with good finance.