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Fruit cocktail slot machine

Game slot developed by the famous studio Igrosoft. It has also gained wide popularity under the names "Fruity Shake" or "Strawberry". Classic slot has a characteristic symbolism in the form of fruit, yet has a fairly modern features, which distinguishes it from the traditional "one-armed bandit. Developer Igrosoft first decided to create a device for land-based halls to play, then it was redesigned for online institutions. Fruit Cocktail has a rather primitive graphics, which in some places looks like a drawn cartoon. Nevertheless, many users see this fact as an advantage rather than a disadvantage. The rules are similar to other game slots from Igrosoft, so if you had a similar experience playing, you will even easier!

slot machines Fruit cocktail

Review of Igrosoft's Fruit cocktail slot

First, choose a decent casino and register on the site by entering your information and confirming all the details. So you'll be able to try all the features of the modern game, will be able to make a personal opinion about interesting releases and develop individual tactics. If you want to play Fruit Cocktail, do not waste your time, you need to register and start familiarizing yourself with the colorful interface and well thought-out functionality now! Online casino will give you an account so that gamers can replenish the new deposit and run the specified machines. It is enough to deposit to your balance and log in.

Each round begins with the player having to choose a bet. It is possible to do this by clicking on the Bet or Max Bet button if you want to play all-in. After that you have to wait for the spin to happen after evaluating the combination you got. The minimum combination will occur on a roll of three symbols in the center from left to right. Do not forget about the Scatter symbol, which is represented by a strawberry. When you notice this icon on your screen you can go to the bonus game.

The rules of the Fruit Cocktail machine are not very different from those you know slots, with a change in the form that on your game screen will be a pile of fruit. In the center of the three drums located on which the rotating icon of fruit. In addition, on the screen you can see the sliding cursor, which stops at a certain point. If this happens at a time when it will be on the same picture, which is now shown on the drum, you get a gift! When the cursor hits the "Exit" square the game will be over. The Bonus Game depends on the number of Scatter you get:

  • Z strawberries - 1 round;
  • 5 strawberries - 3 games.

If you like, you can switch to the risk game. Click on Bet right after you receive your winnings. Five cards will appear in front of you, one of which will be revealed by the dealer. Choose one of those that are left and if it is more senior, your winnings will be doubled.

Fruit cocktail - machine description

The slot machine Fruit Cocktail is most popular with players who love to nostalgia for the old days. It is recommended first to evaluate the device in a demo online to see whether in principle it is worth it to play. Free emulator available to players who are not even registered on the site. Especially interesting is its bonus game, which has a unique mechanics. With her help, you can get a good winnings, not less than the standard jackpot. In the interface you can see the five reels with a maximum of 9 lines.

RTP machines developer Igrosoft dynamic, and varies depending on the area in which you play the slot. In offline halls used options with an indicator from 80 to 90%, and the official data on the online version - almost to 95%. You can win up to 125 thousand credits at most. Bet per line has a range of 1 to 90 coins. The prize combination must contain at least three symbols, and can be collected regardless of the side. Both from the far right and the far left reel. The highest paying combo can be collected with odds like play x5000.

RTP and main features

Manufacturer Igrosoft
Theme Fruit
Structure 5 reels, 9 lines
Bet size From 1 to 810
Special symbols Wild, Scatter
Free Spins No
Bonus Game Yes
Maximum Payout 125,000
RTP 95%
Advanced Features Risk Play
Platform PC, smartphone


Igrosoft is a popular slot and machine developer trusted by all leading operators. The company was founded in 1999 in Moscow, being a supplier of games for offline casinos and producing boards for slot machines. Demand on the gambling market was changing and since the government started restricting the gambling sphere, the company started developing interesting solutions for online clubs. Igrosoft using years of experience ready to offer the operator a large number of games, many of which are based on proven technology Flash.

Theme of the game

All people periodically experience the desire to make an escape from the daily grind, going to warm countries and lounge on the beach with a cool fruit drink in his hand. These features include slot machine Fruit cocktail, which conquered the hearts of gamblers back in the 2000's, and then was successfully transferred to the expanses of online gambling clubs. The main character is the strawberry, which is placed on a piece of orange under the drums of the machine.

Graphics and interface

slot machines Fruit cocktail graphics

When Fruit cocktail appeared online, the interface became much more pleasant for users. They can now influence the elements by opening cards with the risk game. Before that, they had to click directly on the buttons. To run the slot on your smartphone you will not need to download special programs. Flesh technology will allow Fruit Cocktail run in the browser on any device. To play for money in the online club pay more attention to the use of automatic mode - you will lose access to the risk game.

Gameplay retro slot Fruit Cocktail

The slot has many advantages, among which you can highlight the high probability of winning. Players with a lot of experience have repeatedly confirmed receiving big rewards on the profile forum. As they say, you don't need to be a favorite of Fortune to get big winnings, just choose an individual strategy. For this you will need a certain amount of time, which can be spent quite fun, because we are talking about such exciting entertainment as gambling.

Users of the portal can forget about the varieties of technical failure, because the administration of the proven casino carefully makes sure that the resource works smoothly. Round the clock tech support will answer any of your questions and help solve each problem. The results of the game can be saved, even if failure occurs. There is an opportunity to play Fruit Cocktail for free without worrying about everything else, the company will take care of all points with the organization.

Game slot Fruit cocktail is chosen by fans of interesting and recoupable gambling. Due to the fact that the rates there is a variable denomination from 1 to 90 coins the machine can be used by both beginners and high rollers. Also, do not forget about the simple and intuitive interface, which is complemented by easy operation. Nothing will distract you from the game here, the video slot is appreciated by both long-time fans and modern players.

Symbols of the slot machine

Simbol 3 4 5
Cherry 2 3 10
Aprikot 3 5 20
Lemon 5 10 50
Apple 10 30 100
Pear 20 50 200
Semangka 30 100 500
Koktail In Melon (Wild) 100 500 2000
The game logo 200 1000 5000

If you manage to create a winning combination, you can access the bonus game. The bet button turns into a risk, and once clicked an additional window opens with several playing cards. The first of these will open the dealer himself, and the player must choose and turn over one of the remaining ones. If it turns out to be higher in rank - he wins. Listen to tactics and advice from experienced players. Risk your finances only if the flipped card is of small value, because this will increase the player's chances of winning. Don't look for ways to cheat the machine as the results are determined by a random number generator.

Winning lines

The most valuable of all pictures is the "Fruit Cocktail" inscription in different colors. It will multiply your bet by 5000 if the line is completely filled. In second place comes the image of a mango with a fruit cocktail inside it. This is the WIld icon, and it replaces other valuable images. Getting five smoothies on any of the lines at once will increase the value of your bet by 2000 times. Among the remaining images you can notice other less paying fruits, such as peaches and cherries. They are simply multiplier and have no additional features.

Bonus machine Fruit cocktail

The feature of the machine is the bonus game, which can be started by getting special symbols that depict strawberries. When three such icons are collected on the same line, the following happens:

  1. You will see a screen with fruit around the perimeter and a machine with three reels in the center.
  2. Symbols located near the edge hold the selector, which randomly stops at the selected icon.
  3. In the meantime, you will see three icons on the reels in the center.
  4. In case the selector chooses the same symbol as the picture on the reels, the player will earn money.

The amount is set by the symbols that fall out - all fruits have their own multipliers, which will be multiplied by the bet value in the main game. The bonus round will be completed if the arrow hits the square that says "exit".

slot machines Fruit cocktail bonuses

Fruit roulette

In random places on the game screen 3 to 5 strawberries will fall out, then the prize game begins. Any extra berries will give the player one more try. In a rectangular field there are fruits that stand on its perimeter, and in the center rotates three drums. If the image that has fallen out matches the illuminated icons, the player's bet will be multiplied by a certain factor. If the corner square is highlighted - you have lost and the game will be over.

Doubling your winnings or risk game

In the Fruit Cocktail emulator everyone can double their winnings. To do this you need to click on the "risk", which will be the button "bet". Then you will be offered a choice of four cards lying shirt-side up. Before that, one card will be chosen at random. If you were able to draw a higher ranked card from the offered selection, you will double your finances. Doubling works several times, but at the first mistake all previous X's will be reset.

Fruit cocktail slot machine - play for money

There are several tricks with which you can get a win in the Fruit cocktail slot machine. Do not think that there is a strategy by which you can calculate a random combination of prizes, but if you increase the bet your prize will be disproportionately higher. Also, don't forget the following points:

  • The bonus game will give you a high chance of winning with an excellent odds ratio. It falls out quite rarely, and you do not need to count on it every scroll.
  • In a risky game, you do not need to bet a large amount of finances, it is best to start with a small value, gradually increasing it. Look at what the dealer has rolled, and in case of a low value, the probability of winning will increase dramatically. Participate with a high card is not necessary, the chances of winning will be small.

Automat Fruit cocktail in real online casino

Classic emulator can still be found in a land-based gambling club. The developer has not added Fruit cocktail anywhere else, allowing operators to install it separately. Such installation uses the board IGP1, designed in 2002, but due to the ergonomics and reliability does not lose relevance today.

If the installation in the set use other platforms that support Game Cocktail. Such a system is served even now, but the most recent is considered a platform that came out in 2016. Its main features are compactness and the ability to use SD media to store the software.

Special features of Game Cocktail

This machine is often most popular with players who saw it back in offline establishments. However, this slots will be interesting and beginners. This is due to the generosity of the machine, as well as a great chance to win a lot of money. Nevertheless, for each scroll is responsible random number generator. It runs instantly, and no one has access to it, so you can be sure of the fairness of the payout.

There is absolutely no predetermination whether you win or lose, because it is a complete randomness. You won't find any miracle strategies on the internet that will help you win at every wager. This is what attracts gambling - the immediate result and complete unpredictability, the lack of opportunity to predict what will happen even at the next scroll through the rotation. The machine has no jackpot, but it is more than compensated by the prize game and the opportunity to run a different number of lines: 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9. Regarding the odds - you will not find the exact details, many users relegate this machine to the category of those who give a kush. In offline institutions the payout percentage was about 80-90%, which is much less than the modern rtp of 95%.

On a single line you can bet from 1 to 90 tokens. Prize chains are built as in all other one-armed bandits - collect lines, among which will be from 3 identical icons. The winning combination can start in any direction - it does not matter. The value of each picture is known, and the data on this can be found in the special table above. The biggest factor by which you can increase the initial bet is x5000.

Plus and minuses slot machine Fruit cocktail

This slot is ideal for fans of retro one-armed bandits. Often visitors in their reviews mention these advantages:

  • winning combinations are counted on both sides,
  • maximum bet increase of 5000x,
  • there are risk games and bonus tournaments,
  • there are special characters: Wild, Scatter.

Without free spins and re-spins, and some do not like the rather outdated graphics and music.


What is the risk game in Fruit cocktail machine?
In Fruit Cocktail you can double the winnings! Click to do this on the "risk", and choose one of the inverted four cards. In the case where its rank will be higher than that of the selected machine, you will receive a gift. You can double up several times, but as soon as you lose, all the x2's you've accumulated before will reset.
When did Igrosoft release this slot?
Fruit Cocktail slot was released by developer Igrosoft back in 2006. Loyal fans can still run it within the walls of the online club.
How to play for free and without registration in Strawberry?
To do this you need to go to the official website of your choice casino, find the range of this slot and run it in demo mode. He will give you the opportunity to understand the principles of its operation, exploring all the bets and ready combinations to win. At any time you can switch to the standard game and start winning money!
Is this the same slot - everyone's favorite strawberry?
Of course, this machine was at the origins of gambling gambling, and many loyal fans played it in offline casinos. The same developer decided to transfer it to the online format, and now they can enjoy it every fan of the classics.
Is there an updated version of the slot machine Fruit cocktail?
Yes, this slot does exist. It is called Fruit Cocktail 2, and replaced the cult classic slot from the developer Igrosoft.
How many active lines in the machine?
A total of 9 active lines, which are located on the five reels game play slot. Of these, you can activate 1, 3, 5 and 7.
In this slot machine has a re-spin feature?
Some variations of the slot in the casino has a special arsenal button called Automatic Start. With its help there is an interesting opportunity to start automatic spins, so the player does not need to be distracted to start each rotation manually. With the right calculation you will have the opportunity to win much more, because the automatic mode does not spend extra seconds on stopping and collecting winning combinations. There is also the other side of the coin - your participation is reduced to a minimum, there will be no opportunity to participate in bonus games and the risk game, there will be no one to decide what they need to include and select the one you want.
On what devices can play a fruit cocktail slot?
Now everyone has the opportunity to play for free, even without registration on the club site. You can play with a PC or laptop, and with an electronic device that runs on an operating system Android and iOS. This will give you the opportunity to earn decent money and enjoy the application anywhere in the world and at any time.